Noise-Reducer Acoustic Barrier (with rockwool)

The Noise-Reducer Acoustic Barrier is a lightweight construction with a high insulation and absorption value. The outer side of these screens are finished with a layer of rockwool behind a synthetic mesh. The inner side is made of a sound-insulating steel sheet finished with a galvanized steel mesh. Due to the use of a layer of rockwool, the Noise-Reducer acoustic barriers have a high sound absorption, making them also suitable for placing around machines, airco equipment, pumps, etc. The Noise-Reducer system is a Dutch invention and is produced entirely in the Netherlands. You can read more about the screens below as well as in our brochure.

Technical properties

  • Maximum construction height: 3 metres (higher is possible with a diff. foundation method)
  • Sound absorption EN1793-1: Dla = 8dB (a) (on mineral wool side)
  • Sound insulation EN1793-2: Rw=30dB (a)
  • Panel weight: 15-21 kg/m2
  • Maximum panel width: 250cm (with H=200cm)
  • Maximum panel height: 250cm (with W=200cm)
  • Panel thickness: 4cm to 6cm
  • Foundation: IPE 80-120 poles
  • Material: version with on one or both sides a layer of rockwool
  • Steel sheet version: available in the colours dark green, anthracite and light grey
  • Optional: finish with on one or both sides a layer of rubberised coconut fabric
  • Steel frame version: galvanized or powder coated (surcharge)
  • Variants: SA-36, SA-45 and DA-50 (see brochure for more information)


  • Durable, economical & effective
  • Minimum required construction space: approx. 15-20cm
  • High sound insulation and absorption (on mineral wool sides(s))
  • Can also be used on roofs around machines
  • Delivered fully custom-made (width and/or height)
  • Can be built by hand (up to 3m high)
  • Ideal for allowing plants to grow on surface
  • Certification: CE
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Matching Noise-Reducer noise barrier door available

Completely obligation-free and specified quote with construction and poles plan.

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