Kokowall® High Absorption Noise Barrier

The Kokowall® High Absorption Noise Barrier is ideally suited for situations where higher sound absorption requirements are set. The Kokowall® Noise Barrier has a warm look and fits in with every landscape. The Kokowall® noise barriers have an outer layer of durable coconut fibre which allows plants to grow on them. Apart from the considerable noise insulation and absorption the coconut fibres are ideal for the adhesion of various types of climbing plants.

A Kokowall® screen is fully overgrown within a few years. The Kokowall High Absorption Noise Barrier is suitable for use along railway lines, residential areas, industrial estates, municipal roads and motorways. The Kokowall® system is a Dutch invention and is produced entirely in the Netherlands. You can read more about the screens below as well as in our brochure.

Technical properties

  • Sound absorption EN1793-1: Dla = 10dB (a) cat. A3 (with a layer of 30mm mineral wool)
  • Sound absorption EN1793-1: Dla = 15dB (a) cat. A4 (with a layer of 40mm mineral wool)
  • Sound insulation EN1793-2: Rw=30dB (a) Dlr=27dB (a) cat. B3
  • Maximum construction height: 10m (through stacked panels)
  • Panel weight: 23-30 kg/m2
  • Standard panel width: 3,960mm
  • Maximum panel height: 2,000mm (with W=3,960mm)
  • Panel thickness: 13 – 14 cm
  • Foundation: vibratory driven foundation pile, onto which a lintel is mounted
  • Material: version with coconut tube on both sides with in-between a layer of mineral wool
  • Steel frame and posts version: galvanized or powder coated (surcharge)
  • Variants: HA-A3 or HA-A4


  • Effective, highly absorbent, natural and distinctively attractive
  • High sound insulation and sound absorption
  • Available in every desired lower height and smaller widths
  • Climbing plants can grow on both sides
  • High score in the the most economically advantageous tender projects
  • Certification: CE in accordance with EN14388: 2005 and GCW2012
  • Certificate: NL Green label A and European patented
  • NL invention and own production
  • Relatively short construction time

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