Kokowall® HA-Minwol Noise Barrier

The Kokowall® HA-Minwol Noise Barrier is ideally suited as a noise barrier for industrial estates, locations directly alongside roads, around machines and other situations where plant growth is either not possible or desirable on both sides. Kokowall® HA-Minwol is a noise barrier where one side has been finished with durable coconut fibres and the other side finished with a layer of mineral wool with a plastic and galvanized mesh. The Kokowall® system is a Dutch invention and is produced entirely in the Netherlands. You can read more about the screens below as well as in our brochure.

Technical properties

  • Sound absorption EN1793-1: Dla = 11dB (a) cat. A3
  • Sound insulation EN1793-2: Rw=30dB (a) Dlr=27dB (a) cat. B3
  • Maximum construction height: 10m (through stacked panels)
  • Panel weight: 22-28 kg/m2
  • Standard panel width: 3,960mm
  • Maximum panel height: 2,000mm (with W=3,960mm)
  • Panel thickness: 9cm
  • Foundation: vibratory driven foundation pile, onto which a lintel is mounted.
  • Material: one side coconut tubes and the other side a layer of mineral wool
  • Steel frame and posts version: galvanized or powder coated (surcharge)


  • Effective, highly absorbent, natural and distinctively attractive!
  • High sound insulation and sound absorption
  • Available in every desired lower height and smaller widths
  • Climbing plants can grow on one side
  • High score in the most economically advantageous tender projects
  • Certification: CE in accordance with EN14388: 2005 and GCW2012
  • Certificate: European patent
  • NL invention and own production
  • Relatively short construction time

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