Kokowall Lite Noise Barrier

The Kokowall Lite Noise Barrier is a lightweight construction with a high insulation value, especially suitable for private gardens. The inner side of this screen is finished on one side with natural and durable coconut fibres. Behind the row of coconut tubes is a sound-insulating sheet enclosed by a galvanized steel mesh. Apart from the attractive look the tubes wrapped in coconut fibres are ideal for the adhesion of various types of climbing plants. A Kokowall Lite noise barrier is fully overgrown within a few years. The Kokowall system is a Dutch invention and is produced entirely in the Netherlands. You can read more about the screens below as well as in our brochure.

Technical properties

  • Maximum construction height of 3 metres (higher is possible with a diff. foundation method)
  • Sound absorption EN1793-1: Dla = 6dB (a) (on coconut side)
  • Sound insulation EN1793-2: Rw=30dB (a)
  • Panel weight: 16-20 kg/m2
  • Maximum panel width: 250cm (with H=200cm)
  • Maximum panel height: 250cm (with W=200cm)
  • Panel thickness: 5cm
  • Foundation IPE 80-120 poles
  • Material: one side coconut tubes and the other side a sound-insulating steel sheet
  • Steel frame version: galvanized or powder coated (surcharge)


  • Durable, economical & environmentally-friendly
  • Minimum required construction space: approx. 15-20cm
  • High sound insulation and absorption (on coconut side)
  • Delivered fully custom-made (width and/or height)
  • Can be built by hand (up to 3m high)
  • Ideal for allowing plants to grow on surface
  • Certification: CE
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Matching Kokowall Lite noise barrier door available

Completely obligation-free and specified quote with construction and poles plan.

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